Citywide traffic management and transportation operation capabilities

CityPulse benefits

Flexible deployment options for cities of all sizes. Many existing systems have fixed location hardware that is difficult to move (such as power lines) and difficult to extend. Citypulse is not dependent on hardware placed “outside” the vehicles.

CityPulse offers a variety of development models to provide cities of all sizes and different levels of IT resources. Deploying CityPulse can help capitalize on the latest technology advances while controlling cost.

Use one integrated transportation system to increase situational awareness of current traffic and transit conditions and provide predictive analytics.

Identify and measure a variety of current traffic conditions and transit operations, including traffic speed and volume on city roads, transit vehicle current locations; vehicle arrival prediction times, and on-schedule performance.

Help your commuters plan their journey by offering live tracking of the entire transport system with the CityPulse smartphone app.

Analyze historical traffic and transit data and trends to predict future traffic and transit conditions.

Use the CityPulse SMS feature to offer your commuters accurate information about a specific route, position of a buss and arrival time.

Use system-wide analysis methods to predict various conditions, including traffic speed and volume, transit flow, passenger count and transit schedule deviation up to an hour in advance.

Use CityPulse to improve public transit operations and commuter experience.