Helps improve the travel experience and tracks all public transportation

How CityPulse works

In large cities, public transportation has a tendency to function at near full capacity, making it crucial to find ways to optimize the efficiency of existing transportation assets.

Public transportation management

Steadily increasing traffic congestions makes it difficult to accurately estimate arrival times for buses and other public transportation services. This creates challenges for dispatching and providing accurate information to public transit travelers.

City Pulse provides features like GPS Live Tracking and Passenger Counter that offers a complete picture of the public transportation fleet in real time.


  1. Station configuration

  2. Route configuration

  3. Schedule configuration

  1. Device configuration

  2. Bus configuration

  3. Statistics and notifications

Live tracking app

The inability to receive commuter advisories about anticipated delays is leading to widespread discontent. Offering this information to your commuters not only can it help to eliminate or minimize problems, it canalso improve their mood.

CityPulse comes with a desktop and smartphone app that provides live tracking of the entire transport system for the user.